Bilicoteatro was born in 1999 in Bergamo from our desire to look for new forms of expressions in the art of moving on stilts. Since the beginning, our focus has been on technical skills and on the search for new movements and means of expression  of the actor on stilts.

Our performance’s style is the acrobatic dance on stils which main features are marked by movements full of energy resulting from long physical, acrobatic and theatrical training sessions.

Bodies and their  special extensions are the only instrum en t s  we use to express new movements and to experiment different choreographic forms.

Technical skills and accuracy are combined with Dionisian vitality and inspiration is drawn from both classical and contemporary music.

The  theatre constantly verges on dance and the street performances curiously look at and imitate the circus;, through these transformations the actors show interwoven bodies and stilts turning their dance into astonishing feats of acrobatic virtuosity.

Bilicoteatro produced the following performances: “Crepuscolo” (2000), “Longart” (2001), Luxus (2002) and the musical stilts parade “Chiffon” (2002).

Bilicoteatro has been organizing courses and workshops on acrobatic technique and dance on stilts. 


Erica Baggi, Katiana Cadei, Chiara Carrara,  Marco Colombo, Gloria Cornolti, Chiara Cospito, Mauro Danesi, Giuliano Gambelli, Stefano Locatelli, Clara Luiselli, Daniela Petrò, Daniele Pirola, Max Regazzoni, Daniela Remondini